Thomas Shou's translation service has been very helpful to our company for press releases and technical articles. Thomas is very responsive to email, courteous, and always meets deadlines. He has also been able to execute short turnarounds when we have requested them. Our internal experts have found his translations to be 90% accurate--a difficult figure to achieve given the specialized industry in which we work. I appreciate his overall product and would highly recommend his translation services to other high-tech companies without reservation.

Product Marketing Communications Director
Leading Silicon Valley semiconductor equipment manufacturer


We have worked with Thomas Shou for a number of years on projects that involved translating different types of English technical communication pieces into Traditional and Simplified Chinese. This includes all our Press Releases, White Papers, Advertorials and Banner Ads, etc. As we run the translations by the regional teams for review and approval, they usually come back with very little, if any, edits. Thomas and his team offer very quick turnaround, reasonable rates, and great support!

Lisa Garcia
Sr. Product Communications Manager


Thomas, and his team of international translators, has been an asset to my business as we develop print and online advertising to run in various countries throughout Asia. His localization services have grown over the years and he consistently provides an excellent product. I will also say that Thomas has an entrepreneurial spirit that ensures great service, enthusiasm, and follow-through. I certainly recommend Thomas if you are looking for a reliable translation resource. Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity.

Linda Tolman
Director of Marketing Communications
Right Hand Communications, Inc

Thomas spent time to carefully listen and understand my needs before his Chinese localization team helped me localize my website into Traditional Chinese. After delivery, he did a very thorough follow up to make sure I was happy with the final product. He is easy to work with, customer-oriented, conscientious and has very reasonable rates. Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Wayne Lo
Founder/CEO of Infomato, Inc.

We recommend Thomas because he did an excellent job translating our Korean video into English by color coding the text translation to match the color of the Korean text. He also did a meticulous job of indexing the verbal translation to the time scale in the video making it a breeze to add closed captions.

Carol Stephen
Professional Organizer
Stephen Organizing Services


I have worked closely with Thomas Shou on multiple projects that involved translating Chinese patent applications and invention disclosures into English for various high-tech industries. Accurate and clean, his final work product has always been great, especially considering that the patent applications are highly technical in nature. Quick turnaround, reasonable rate, and good communication are all part of the great service you can expect from Thomas Shou and his SinoTrans International team. I highly recommend his translation services!

Lu Yin
Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP


I recently worked with Thomas Shou on multiple projects which involved the translation of several highly technical scientific reports (LCD technology-related) from both Chinese into English and Korean into English. Thomas and his associates produced a very high quality product that was attentive both to terminological accuracy and to reproducing the formatting pattern of the original. Moreover, their work was completed, with grace and good cheer, under very tight deadlines. It was a pleasure to work with Thomas and I look forward to doing so again.

Richard L. Creech, Esq.
Esquire Language Services


I have worked closely with Thomas Shou on several different types of Chinese translation projects now both into and from English. I have always found his team to be extremely prompt and responsive to meet all my requests. He is easy to work with and flexible when it comes to negotiating a reasonable rate. His final work is always of the highest polished linguistic quality, whether its Chinese or English, and he is very deadline-oriented. He is a joy to work with and I look forward to a long-term partnership with his team. He comes with my strongest recommendation.

Tim Olds
Co-Founder of Verbatim Solutions


Thomas worked for us for six months. His work covered Chinese>English semiconductor doc translation as well as modification/editing of our user manual, assembly manual, marketing brochure writing, and preparation of website content. He had to constantly interface with people from manufacturing, engineering, tech support and the marketing departments in order to carry out his job. Thomas delivered all the above work in time and met our requirements. With his capabilities and work ethic, he will make a good contribution to any organization. I strongly recommend him to your organization.

Dr. Chung-Shih Pan
VP of Operations
Hermes Microvision, Inc.


When I read the translation excerpts, it sounded so flowing that it read like a carefully-composed narrative written by a native English writer. Moreover, the narrative vividly captures the personality of the Emperor Kangxi, his political style as well as the spirit of his time. It is really an amazing piece of work considering the fact the text involves a lot of technical knowledge of Chinese culture, religion, and history. I believe when this translation is completed, it will be a book with tremendous appeal to the Western audience who are interested in Chinese culture and history.

Professor Hao Chang
Distinguished historian of Chinese cultural and intellectual history


Hi Thomas,
Thank you for your quick completion and careful work – we really appreciate it!

Lucille Tang
Senior Research Consultant
Factor TG