Web Localization

Web LocalizationSinoTrans International translates your website and localizes it, making it ready for foreign markets and cultures. The World Wide Web is inherently global. Establishing a global web presence provides one of the most affordable means of tapping into the international marketplace. An information-rich, well-published website sells your products and services to potential clients around the world 24/7.

Website Localization and Testing is conducted in 3 phases:

Content Translation:
Conducted by our dedicated team consisting of a project manager, translators, editors, proofreaders, utilizing translation memory tools such as Trados, Catalyst or client specified translation memory tools.

Context Linguistic Testing:
Linguistic QA/Testing after your website has been localized, review the software or website in context to check for any linguistic or cosmetic issues. Websites can be QA/tested under client specified browsers and test scripts.

On-site Functionality Testing:
This will be conducted after your website has been localized. We will verify whether your website works properly for your target users. Proper platforms, browsers and test scripts are used to simulate the expected experience of the target user.

Key Benefits:

  • Web Localization Large pool of experts in website design and language processing
  • Collaborative project planning/management
  • Focus on target audiences, demographics, brand positioning
  • Extensive large project experience and seamless client communication
  • Depth of expertise in website localization
  • Guaranteed quality under a strict QA system
  • Timely turnaround
  • Total solution rather than only translating or website design or adjusting, maintain extra consistency between website and related materials both in style and terminology
  • Localization of resource files and source code in a variety of formats, online help, knowledge base.
  • Good records keeping for later retrieval
  • Guaranteed confidentiality