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English to Chinese: Semiconductor product review sample

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New Products

Plastronics Adds to Burn-in Socket Line

Irving, Texas—The Plastronics Socket Co. has added an open top, small outline 0.65mm pitch BGA socket to its burn-in socket product line.

The socket size is 26mm x 26mm and the unit will accept packages up to 18mm x 18mm with a maximum ball matrix of 25mm x 25mm. The socket can be selectively depopulated to the exact number of required pins. The Plastronics fine-pitch BGA burn-in socket line now includes 0.50mm, 0.75mm and 0.80mm, as well as the newest addition. []

Photo: Plastronics’ 0.65mm pitch BGA burn-in socket

Translation - Simplified Chinese

New Products

Plastronics 公司预烧插座产品线又添新品

本刊德克萨斯州欧文(Irving) 消息—Plastronics Socket 公司的预烧插座产品线又添新品,敞口式、小外型 0.65mm 间距球格阵列 (BGA) 插座业已登台。

该插座尺寸为 26mm x 26mm,能够以最大为 25mm x 25mm 的球格阵列容纳高达 18mm x 18mm 的封装,并可有选择地将引脚数减少至所需的确切数目。Plastronics 密间距球格阵列预烧插座产品线目前包括 0.50mm、0.75mm 0.80mm 插座,以及此次新增产品。[]

Photo:Plastronics 公司的 0.65mm 间距球格阵列 (BGA) 预烧插座

Chinese to English: Enterprise Search software website content

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Multi-lingual Search Results





Translation - English

Multi-lingual Search Results

OES provides a multi-lingual search function which allows users to find search results in several different languages with just one search. The system will then display the data which meets the search conditions line by line. Through the system’s multiple sorting function, users can save data browsing time by performing dynamic sorting based on relatedness, file date, file size, file name, and more.


OES provides a personalized preference option to address the personal preferences of different users. If users need to frequently search for customer data, then the sorting method can be adjusted to sort by name. If users need to frequently search for contract data, then the sorting method can be adjusted to sort by time. If users are used to finding a needle in a haystack, they can lengthen the number of messages displayed per page in order to browse the data quickly. Through simple configuration procedures, the user can set the system to automatically memorize each user’s preferences. We are confident that OES’s design will make your search more efficient.

Chinese to English: Telecom Patent Abstract

Source text - Simplified Chinese

摘 要


Translation - English


This present invention discloses a type of active and standby board backup and switchover method for access devices, comprising: maintain real time communications between standby board and active board, and check the operating status of the active board at all times; refresh standby board data based on changes to multicast client dynamic data in the active board; perform switchover from the active board to the standby board based on the active board failure detected; the new active board sends a multicast join request to the upstream router based on its saved data. Multicast client dynamic data comprises: multicast client online record, multicast client CDR (Call Detail Record), etc. Adopting the method of this invention guarantees that clients remain online during switchover, ensures an uninterrupted video stream, and thereby ensures that the switchover from active to standby does not significantly affect multicast services for multicast clients. Moreover, clients' multicast service CDR will not be lost, which protects the interests of the provider.

English to Chinese: Semiconductor Technical Article excerpt

Source text - English

CD-SEM technology is not going away, but in the future we see OCD continuing to supplant CD-SEM for many etch and lithography applications where customers need additional structural information. CD-SEM has limited capabilities for many types of measurements in that, because it is a top-down imaging technique, it cannot provide information about trench depth or detailed information about sidewall shape. It is also problematic in that it is difficult or impossible for CD-SEM to accurately measure buried or hidden structures in 3D devices, or to accurately differentiate between the thickness of the grating line and the thickness of the line’s sidewall spacer in spacer pitch splitting structures. Cross-sectional electron microscopy can provide this additional information, but it is a destructive process and in a fab environment is generally slow to provide feedback. OCD has advantages because it is a fast, non-destructive measurement that is able to provide significantly more structural information than CD-SEM, especially for today’s more complicated 3D semiconductor structures.


Translation - Traditional Chinese

CD-SEM技術還未過時,但我們可以預見客戶在許多蝕刻及光刻的應用程式上需要額外的結構資訊,因此 OCD 會持續地取代 CD-SEM。CD-SEM 在許多測量種類中都有諸多限制,因為它是一種由上而下的成像技術,無法提供蝕溝深度或溝壁形狀的詳細資訊。而 CD-SEM 很難甚至無法精確地測量埋在或隱藏在 3D 裝置中的結構,或精確地區別光柵刻線的厚度及刻線溝壁隔板在隔板間距劃分結構中的厚度,這都是難以解決的問題。截面電子顯微鏡檢查法可以提供此等額外的資訊,但這卻是一種破壞性的過程,且在晶圓廠的環境中通常回應很慢。OCD 能以快速、非破壞性的測量方法來提供比 CD-SEM 更多的結構資訊,更適用於現今較複雜的 3D 半導體結構,這便是 OCD 的優勢。