Software Localization

Software Localization and Korean SmileSinoTrans International translates your software and localizes it, making it ready for foreign markets and cultures. Software localization is a complex process of translation and adaptation of your software and related documentation into another language and culture. The localized product must have the highest quality of translation and cultural appropriateness while retaining the functionality of the original software. SinoTrans International can provide you with software localization solutions on any level and for any platform.

The SinoTrans International software localization process

1. Planning & evaluation

First we plan the project with you and listen carefully to your needs and clearly tell you what we can deliver and when. We also inform you of any regulatory and cultural adaptation issues that need to be taken into account for your specific project. In addition project engineering analysis, including requirements specification and process definition is provided to the client.

2. Extracting/re-integrating assets from source software into translatable format

Smart PhoneOnce all issues have been identified and resolved in the pre-project consultation phase, using a variety of applications we extract and re-integrate all of the translatable elements for your software product.

  • resource files
  • graphics, images and icons
  • help files
  • read-me files
  • user guides
  • audio
  • packaging
  • warranty cards
  • software licences and legal disclaimers

3. Testing

After reintegrating the translatable elements back into your software product our engineers and translators undertake functionality and linguistic testing.

  • Regression testing and bug fixing
  • Identifying localization issues in the client's build environment
  • Taking localized screen shots
  • User interface testing
  • Setting up bug report formats or databases
  • General QA testing

Localization quality assurance

Our engineering process is based on a model which includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. Each software localization project is completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework. Quality and workflow processes can be adapted to integrate with existing client-side environments. During all phases of the localization life cycle process our management and production teams control every aspect of the process through our quality assurance procedures.